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Aqua Chi Foot BathAqua Chi Foot Bath

Helps with Detoxification & Supporting Balanced Energy

The Aqua Chi Foot Bath is a wonderful product that offers negative ions with its unique bio-electric charge. This charge or energy is what allows its users to receive its benefits. Hundreds of users have felt that the Aqua Chi Foot Bath has enhanced their body’s ability to detox. Many users have also reported that they felt it improved their vitality, boosted their energy, and promoted their overall wellness. The Aqua Chi Foot Bath is made in the USA and comes with a unique 7 year warranty. We have used the Aqua Chi Foot Bath in our wellness center with our clients for over 10 years!

SOQI Natural Health Products

Sun Ancon Chi MachineSun Ancon Chi Machine

Helps Temporarily Relieve Minor Muscle Aches, Pain, and Tension caused by Fatigue or Over Exertion.

Locally Increases Blood Circulation and Relaxes Muscles.

The Chi Machine is a full body massager and passive aerobic exerciser that provides temporary relief from minor muscle aches, pains, and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. The figure 8 movement of the chi machine causes your bronchioles to open up allowing your lungs to take in more oxygen which benefits the whole body. This is one of the best wellness products on the market and is a great tool for all ages and fitness levels. I love my chi machine!

Far Infrared DomeSOQI Ceramic FIR Dome (the HotHouse)

Locally Promotes Circulation, Temporarily Relieves Muscle Aches and Tension and Reduces Swelling.

Detoxification, and Relaxation! Far Infrared Therapy with the SOQI Ceramic FIR Dome offers many healthy benefits including locally increasing circulation and temporary relief from minor muscle aches. The Far Infrared Dome is like having your very own portable far infrared sauna. It is the most effective dome on the market today due to its patented silicon crystal lining which allows for maximum penetration and absorption. It is a very warm comfortable heat and makes a great adjunct to any wellness program!

Electro Reflex EnergizerAdvanced Electro Reflex Energizer

Provides Benefits of Reflexology using Electrical Stimulation

It is definitely more than just a foot massager! The Advanced Electro Reflex Energizer is an amazing foot massager that is based on reflexology and accupressure. It has helped many customers with various concerns from minor muscle aches and pain to promoting circulation. Many have used it on their hands as well. The Advanced ERE also comes with 6 electro pads which may also help to target and loosen muscles.  The Advanced ERE, based on reflexology, may help restore the balance of communication throughout your body allowing for better overall wellness and reduction in discomfort.

E-Power MachineE-Power Machine

A Negative Potential High Frequency Energizer!

Everyone is talking about negative ions and the benefit of negative potential energy – well here it is the E-Power Machine! Our bodies act as the capacitor so the negative potential energy can be absorbed from the E-Power, increasing the permeability of our cell membranes and enhancing our composition of ATP. Now, we all know that without ATP we have no energy. All living things need energy to survive and human beings are no different. I feel that the E-Power Machine is like a battery charger for our bodies. It creates an internal energy that will balance and revitalize you!

SoQi BedSOQI Bed

The Perfect Combination for Natural Healing!

The SoQi (pronounced so-key) bed offers a unique experience in relaxation. It combines the massage benefits from the Chi Machine with the relaxation and detoxification benefits from the HotHouse Far Infrared Domes. Between the 3 Far Infrared Domes and the relaxing music from its high quality sound system, stress fades away as you drift into a comfortable relaxed state. I absolutely think it is one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had! It is definitely the “cat’s meow”!

FIR PadHeating Pad

Perfect for minor aches and discomfort!

The Thermal Heating Pad utilizes the principles and technology of thermal heat to gently warm and soothe tired aching muscles and promote circulation. The Therman Heating Pad uses a new technology that allows it to heat up very quickly. Our thermal heating pad, unlike regular heating pads, heat from the inside out. It is a great product and offers a temperature range from 113 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

FIR Back SupportFIR Waist Support

Great to use as a Back Support Belt!

This is a great innovative product that offers the benefits of thermal heat therapy while supporting your back. If you turn it around, your abdomen can receive the benefits as well!

Visit Wellness Center

If you live locally, not only can you come by and see our Custom Aromatherapy Blending Bar, you can schedule an appointment with our SOQI Wellness Center for one of our many services. Including the SOQI Bed Total Health Management System, the Aqua Chi Detox Foot Bath, or a Facial Skin Rejuvenation with the E-Power. You can also schedule a one on one Lifestyle Analysis consultation.

Aquasana Water Filtration Products

I love Aquasana water filtration products. I have used their Shower Filter and the Undersink Countertop Unit for years which is why I am an Aquasana Affiliate. Not only do I like the fact that these products are reasonably priced giving you clean healthy water to drink and bathe in, the water has a pH of 7.0! If you are wanting to learn more about healthy water, read our past water newsletter and learn all about it. You may even want to check with your local water municipality for your current water report!

Their shower filters remove chlorine and reduce synthetic chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from your shower water and balance the pH for a wonderful shower experience your skin will love and appreciate!  Their counter top or under counter system filters out chlorine, lead, prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, THMs, MTBE and cysts (chlorine-resistant parasites) and leaves in the natural trace minerals! It tastes like natural spring water and is of the very highest quality possible! Aquasana’s contaminant reduction capabilities are third-party tested and certified by Underwriters laboratories and the California Department of Public Health.

All Aquasana products come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee – Click on my affiliate link to purchase and save!

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IN.FORM Weight Management Program – Transform your Health!

IN.FORM is a brand new idea for weight management. It is the only program on the market today that focuses on the power of our microbiome to support healthy metabolic function. Today, millions of Americans are overweight, deal with unhealthy blood sugar levels and high cholesterol levels.

IN.FORM Weight Management

IN.FORM supports a healthy microbiome to support a healthy you! Learn more about IN.FORM and join us to help you through education, healthy dietary habits, and exercise transform your health!

Independent Distributor Nature's Sunshine ProductsNature’s Sunshine Products

Vitamins and minerals are vital nutrients for all bodily functions and for the prevention of many chronic disease. No matter how healthy we eat, we can’t get all the vitamins and minerals we need through the foods we eat. Currently, more and more doctors are becoming part of Integrated Healthcare because they know our diets are lacking in vital nutrients and are recommending supplements to their patients. Women who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant have been taking pre-natal vitamins for years to ensure they get what they need to deliver healthy babies.Currently our food is grown in soil that is lacking in nutrients, so the food we eat is also lacking in nutrients. It is unfortunate that we live in such a toxic environment but we are lucky to have quality whole food supplements from an industry leader like Nature’s Sunshine Products to help us!

Nature’s Sunshine has been a global leader in vitamins and herbs, and essential oils for over 40 years! Nature’s Sunshine has always met and exceeded the government standards in quality and are one of the few companies that continue to manufacture their own products, allowing them the ability to guarantee you the best quality product available on the market today!

I continue to help others by sharing Nature’s Sunshine Products and the IN.FORM Program with them! NSP offers fantastic member pricing, promotes natural and herbal education with FREE webinars for their members, and are committed to your health offering a rewards program called Sunshine Rewards! Check out Nature’s Sunshine and take the free Health Assessment to help you select which products best suit you! When you order, don’t forget to join our team and become a member and gain access to savings and education! I know you are going to love their products as much as I do!

Lucky Vitamin

I understand that many of you are already currently use another brand of supplements. That is fine, however if you have not heard of Lucky Vitamin let me share them with you and why I love Lucky Vitamin! I order most of my other products through them because they offer hundreds of brands at more than competitive pricing and extremely reasonable shipping! Some of their brands include Boiron Homeopathics, Bob’s Red Mill, Aura Cacia Essential Oils, Now, Himayala, Alba Botanica, Lily of the Desert, and Dr. Bonner’s! If you haven’t heard of them and purchase natural products throughout the web, click on my affiliate link and check out what Lucky Vitamin has to offer and start saving today!

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Disclosure: Mara is an Independent Distributor for the above SOQI Natural Health Products through HTE Americas, Inc. and a referral source for Aqua Chi Foot Bath.