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As a Certified Aromatherapist I love that I am able to offer essential oil and aromatherapy consultations. Aromatherapy Consultations can help you by bringing balance back into your life and promote well-being.

Aromatherapists study Aromatherapy and essential oils. Aromatherapy is amazing and it refers to the use of aromatic essences from plants to promote a feeling of well-being. It also helps promote balance of the physical, psychological and spiritual systems, which can enhance an individuals innate healing process.

Our aromatherapy consultations begin with a detailed client intake form. This intake form allows you and the aromatherapist to discuss and identify your physical as well as psychological concerns. It helps us by providing an overview of your health. It gives us information on the aromatic scents you like and don’t like. As well as what you might have already tried.


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About The Aromatherapy Consultations

Once you have filled out your Aromatherapy Questionnaire we can spend time having a discussion to identify your concerns and how we can use various essential oils to support your needs. Our discussion also allows us to decide on what type of product we will be creating for your custom blend.  All the custom blends we create are designed for your specific needs.

The cost for an Aromatherapy Consultations is $45.00. Aromatherapy consultations begin online and will be followed up in person if you live locally or by phone. The aromatherapy  consultation includes the custom blended product created product, as well as a follow up email or phone call.  If you are interested in an Aromatherapy Consultation, you can begin below.

Begin your Aromatherapy Consultation | $45.00!
Includes Questionnaire, Custom Blended Products and Shipping!

Disclaimer: By requesting an aromatherapy consultation, you understand that the purpose of an aromatherapy consultation is not to diagnose, prevent or treat illnesses, diseases, or physical or mental conditions. You agree to not take the essential oil products internally. You agree to not use the essential oil product with animals and to keep the essential oil product out of the reach of children.