Because your Nose "Knows"

Our Ingredients


Remember that all our ingredients and essential oils are carefully chosen based on their therapeutic properties and their historical and traditional uses. Our products use 100% pure essential oils. All the oils we use include GCMS Reporting to authenticate their properties.

Allantoin (meets USP Specifications) promotes skin healing properties and helps to stimulate the growth of new tissue. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Almond Meal (food grade/cosmetic quality) has soothing and moisturizing effects on the skin and makes a great gentle exfoliant.

Almond Oil, Sweet (natural, cold expeller pressed, hexane free) is a light to medium carrier oil that is non greasy and easily absorbed into the skin.

Aloe Vera Juice (organic and IASC certified) is highly moisturizing, reduces skin inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties. The Aloe Vera Juice we use contains Potassium Sorbate which is used to inhibit the growth of mold.

Antarcticine® with Salicylic Acid (Paraben Free and Ecocert Approved) – helps protect against bacteria and harsh conditions and has natural properties that promote keratinocyte growth and fibroblast adhesion.

Apricot Meal (food grade/cosmetic quality) has soothing and moisturizing effects on the skin and we use it because it makes a great gentle exfoliant.

Apricot Kernel Grounds (food grade/cosmetic quality) are also used as an exfoliating ingredient. They not only remove dead cells, they open up the path for new skin to grow.

Apricot Kernel Oil (Vegan, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Glutamate Free, BSE Free, Non-GMO & Pesticide-free) is high in essential fatty acids which work great for nourishing the skin. It is a very light oil expressed from the seed kernels of ripe apricots. It is a gentle moisturizer that works well for all skin types especially those with sensitive skin.

Arnica Infused Olive Oil (made using whole arnica flowers and organic olive oil) works well for swelling and pain relief, especially when applied topically. It is also used for pain relief for many sports related injuries.

Avocado Oil (natural, expeller pressed, hexane free) is very moisturizing for the skin and has been used in the treatment of various skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. It also facilitates healing of the skin from rashes.

Bach Flower Remedies are a system containing 38 different Flower Remedies that work on creating emotional balance, helping negative emotions to be replaced with positive.

Beeswax (all natural, retaining a slight aroma) which gives the final product whether a lotion or a salve a creamy texture. The beeswax ranges in color from a dark to light yellow and I get the beeswax from a friend who is a beekeeper. It is absolutely wonderful.

Bentonite Clay (kosher certified) is full of minerals and is a great healing clay. It works great for deep cleansing especially for those with blemishes and acne. It is also known as Montmorillonite clay.

Burdock Root Extract (organic) has blood purifying and skin healing properties making it useful for acne, psoriasis and other skin problems.

Buttermilk Powder (food grade/cosmetic quality) is naturally high in fat and offers skin softening benefits, giving you a silky smooth feel.

Calendula Extract (organic) and Calendula Infused Olive Oil (made using whole flowers and organic olive oil) has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and has natural skin restorative properties which is why it is used for in many of our lotions and salves. It also helps your skin keep its glow.

Castile Soap (organic) the base used for some of our cleansers.

Centella Asiatica Extract (cosmetic quality) used in many native areas to support the healing of wounds, scratches, and burns. It has constituents that have functions which act on the collagen.

Chamomile Extract (organic) has cleansing and soothing benefits and works well for dry sensitive skin.

Citric Acid (food grade/cosmetic quality) has many uses including acting as an astringent providing toning properties. It also has some antioxidant properties and can be used as a preservative or to balance pH.

Cocoa Butter (organic) helps moisturize and your skin and improve elasticity.

Coconut Oil and Powder (organic, unrefined) is very moisturizing to the skin and is great at providing skin relief for sunburns. It has a wonderful smell which is a great addition for our salves and lotions.

Collagen (animal) is a fibrous protein that helps to restore lost moisture and lubricates the surface of our skin.

Comfrey Infused Olive Oil (made from leaves and organic olive oil) has many beneficial properties that promote new skin growth, help with inflammation, and benefit the healing of bruises and pulled muscles.

Emulsifying Wax NF is an ingredient used in skin care products such as lotions to combine water with oil.

Enzymes are proteins derived from vegetables and fruits.

Epsom Salt (pharmaceutical grade) contains magnesium sulfate. It dissolves easily making it perfect for soothing sore muscles, relaxing soaks, or foot baths.

Frankincense Hydrosol offers great skin benefits. It works well for mature skin, to smooth your skin and tighten and tone. It also helps with wrinkles and anti-aging.

French Green Clay (kosher certified from France) pulls dirt and oil from your skin providing deep cleansing, toning, and tightening. It works well for all skin types.

Grape seed Oil (all natural, cold pressed) is a light oil that is quickly absorbed by the skin and high in lineolic acid making it a good choice for acne prone or dry or damaged skin. It tightens and fights aging.

Green Tea Extract (organic) contains polyphenols a group of antioxidants which help fight free radical damage helping to protect your healthy cells. Antioxidants help with inflammation and green tea also helps your skin retain its moisture.

Helichrysum Hydrosol has great anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties which is great for helping to combat the effects of aging.

Hibiscus Flower Water or Extract (cosmetic) has a high content of vitamin c which is an antioxidant and is necessary for maintaining healthy skin.

Honey Powder (food grade/cosmetic quality) is blended with a small amount of soy based lecithin and is used for its skin healing and softening properties.

Honey Crystals (kosher/organic) offers exfoliation and skin softening benefits.

Horsetail Extract (organic) has a high content of silicon which is necessary to prevent our skin from losing its elasticity preventing it from dropping, sagging and wrinkling.

Hyssop Extract (organic) has many benefits. It is an astringent, very antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and encourages the healing of skin.

Jojoba Beads small spheres offering very gentle exfoliating properties.

Jojoba Oil (organic) is really a liquid wax and has natural moisturizing properties. It is also a humectant which draws moisture to your skin. It most closely matched the skin’s natural sebum. It is best used to moisturize and re-hydrate skin.

Lanolin has very high moisturizing benefits.

Lavender Hydrosol is soothing to the skin, contains antiseptic properties, and promotes skin healing.

Lemon Peel (organic) is used to help eliminate excess oils and lighten or balance the skin tone. It also contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that slows down free radical damage. Free radicals make cause our cells to become unstable which can damage collagen production, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Lemongrass Hydrosol is known for its cleansing and astringent properties, especially for acne prone skin.

Macadamia Nut Oil (expeller pressed) is a very light oil that leaves a non greasy feeling and helps to reduce inflammation and itchiness. Works well for all skin types.

Mango Butter (Vegan, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Glutamate Free, BSE Free Non-GMO & Pesticide-Free) offers benefits very similar to shea butter and cocoa butter.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil (expeller pressed) is also a light oil with offering high anti-oxidants and skin softening properties.

Neem Infused Oil (made using leaves and organic olive oil) used for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

Neroli Hydrosol has been used in skin care to reduce redness and irritation and is beneficial for all skin types, including dry sensitive skin.

Niacinimide (Vitamin B3) has lipids in it which helps our decline of moisture loss and when applied topically helps prevent the skin from aging

Oat Seed Extract (organic) has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties and is a natural skin toner and tightener.

Oatmeal (food grade/cosmetic quality) (organic) has mild exfoliating and cleansing benefits.

Olive Oil (extra virgin, cold pressed, organic) is a very nutritious and moisturizing oil we use this in our lotions and salves. The nuns from Italy have been using Olive Oil for years to help keep their skin moisturized and fends off the signs of aging.

Orange Peel (food grade/cosmetic quality) (organic, extra virgin) is cleansing, tightening and toning and loaded with Vitamin C. Its properties help making your skin look fresher. Vitamin C which is an antioxidant helps slow down free radical damage. Free radicals may cause our cells to become unstable which can damage collagen production, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Palm Stearic Acid (vegetable) occurs naturally in vegetables and helps to stabilize and thicken lotions and creams.

Panthenol -DL is known as Vitamin B5 acts as a humectant (a substance that helps a product retain water), an emollient (the ability to soften) and moisturizer.

Pomengranate Seed Oil (cold pressed) high in flavanoids (Vitamin C) and great for nourishing the skin while providing anti-oxidant benefits. It is very regenerating and works well for mature or damaged skin.

Red Clover Extract (organic) is used for oily skin that has acne or blemishes and has properties that help with deep cleansing.

Rhassoul Clay (100% pure) has skin nourishing properties and is used by some of the finest spas. It reduces skin dryness and flakiness. It helps improve skin texture and elasticity.

Rose Hydrosol, Rose Petals are great for keeping your skin nourished and moisturized. Rose also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps keep your skin texture in tact.

Rosehip Hydrosol and Rosehip Seed Oil (pure, unrefined) is extracted from the seeds of a rose bush and has been used in skincare products for its tissue regenerating properties. It helps with the appearance of wrinkles and to assist in premature aging.

Sea Buckthorn Powder is high in vitamins E, C, A as well as essential fatty acids and is very beneficial for moisturizing very dry skin or skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis.

Sea Kelp Powder is great for skin care because it is high in vitamins and minerals, soothes inflammation, and helps open up clogged pores.

Sea Salts are very mineralizing to the skin. Soaking in a tub of sea salts helps to remove toxins and dead skin cells. We use Dead Sea Salt from Israel and Himalayan Pink Salt.

Shea Butter (organic) is a very creamy butter that offers protection and moisture for our skin. It works well with dry skin.

Silk Amino Acids (paraben free) are penetrating and moisturizing.

Silver Citrate and Citric Acid is a broad spectrum preservative approved for use in the US and is very safe and effective. It is used in creams, lotions, sprays and mists, gels and shampoos. It is formaldehyde and paraben free, contains no phenols and requires a low level of use.

St. John’s Wort Infused Olive Oil (whole flowers and organic olive oil) is very anti-inflammatory and pain relieving working great in salves and massage oils.

Vegetable Glycerin (kosher and meets USP) is a humectant meaning it attracts moisture to your skin.

Vitamin B3 helps to stimulate blood circulation and hair growth.

Vitamin B5 helps maintain moisture levels.

Vitamin C Ascorbyl Palmitate is utilized for its antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E helps protect our cells from free radical damage.

Naturally Derived Vitamin E (tocopherol) is used also for its antioxidant properties.

White Kaolin Clay has a gentler cleansing effect than French Green Clay and is full of minerals and is well absorbed to gently cleanse and stimulate circulation.

Willow Bark Extract has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Witch Hazel Hydrosol has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, astringent qualities and locks moisture into the skin. It has also been used to treat sunburns.

Yarrow Hydrosol is very anti-inflammatory and works well for blemished skin, especially as a toner.

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