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Essential Oils


I love essential oils and when it comes to purchasing them, I recommend Nature’s Sunshine as a trusted source. Nature’s Sunshine oils are authentic and sourced properly. To learn more about their oils and benefits, watch the video below. You can also view Nature’s Sunshine Essential Oils Guide. To purchase single oils or blends, please view all these authentic oils. Remember if you do not see a blend or an oil you are looking for, just let me know – our specialty is Creating Custom Blends!

What are Essential Oils

They come from natural plants and herbal essences. Most oils are obtained through either a cold-pressed or steam distilled process. Oils can come from many different parts of the plant. These parts include the bark, roots, fruits and flowers. To be classified as an “essential oil,” the oil must contain a portion of the plant it was taken from. Oils are also highly concentrated so before applying them topically on the skin, it is best to dilute them in a carrier oil. Most oils are diluted at a 1-2% dilution rate or between 6-12 drops per ounce of carrier oil. They are also very strong. When using oils, it is best to use them in tiny quantities. Just like the old saying, “less is more” definitely applies here.

They also contain many constituents giving them their therapeutic properties. These properties include; analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, antiviral and antibacterial. Specific terminology is used when describing an oils therapeutic properties and qualities. When you purchase oils, you will notice that you can purchase individual oils or a blend of oils. Lavender is an individual oil while “Relax” is a blend of 2 of more oils. Usually when you purchase an aromatherapy product, it has been created by mixing specific herbs, essential oils, and carrier oils to create an effective product from lotions to bath salts to massage oils. To learn more about the therapeutic properties of essential oils, visit our Essential Oil Profiles.

Aromatherapy Use

The best use of essential oils is through inhalation or topical application (please make sure you dilute them with a carrier oil before applying). The healing properties of the oils can be felt quickly using these methods. The oils are absorbed by the body via the limbic system or skin. This method of absorption avoids the digestive tract. Essential oils have very beneficial effects on your physical well being while others can assist with your emotional health. Essential Oils work well therapeutically as well as cosmetically which is why aromatherapy is gaining such popularity. Always remember to practice these safety tips when working with essential oils. Let your nose guide you!

Essential Oils are wonderful and will strengthen any holistic program. Essential oils can compliment herbal and nutritional supplements. Oils have some wonderful and amazing benefits. Enjoy them through massage, inhalation using aromatherapy diffusers, in the bath, shower, vaporizer, humidifier, in gargles, skin care and more. You can purchase essential oils by clicking on one the above link.

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Download NSP’s Authentic Essential Oils Guide and Infographics – both are great reference tools!

Remember if you are going to purchase single oils or oil blends, it is important you dilute All oils to using them topically. Please do not use essential oils near the eyes or to take them internally. It is also important to not apply (generally citrus oils) topically prior to sun bathing or exposure and to avoid using them during pregnancy or breast feeding and with children under 10 years of age.